Everyone loves Bad Dates

Excellent news! Bad Dates has 183,150 followers across its active channels. Looking at just the primary Page, engagement at BDOM goes up to 1.1 million every 28 days. My priorities are the people on the Page and promoting discussion on respect, safe sex and dating issues. I have always put the followers first and always will. BDOM followers are very, very, very engaged. I am lucky to have them on board and involved.

Talking to Today Extra

πŸ“ΊπŸ’” Did you catch me on Today Extra on Channel Nine? I was the ‘Gatekeeper of Bad Dates’ and spoke to Richard Wilkins and Belinda Russell dressed in a red turtleneck and chunky necklace. Being a Zoom interview where they only see your top half, I was also in my pyjama pants.