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I’m ready for my Walkley.


‘A guide to surviving Christmas single, when your primary relationship is with a chicken nugget’ is out now: another groundbreaking piece from me, your BDOM admin and the author of ‘Why are you single?: the reason could be chicken nuggets’, as well as ‘Why I got banned from Tinder as swiping as an egg’. Just so you know, my last story popped up in the related news to a story about Greta Thunberg. Expecting my Walkley any day now.

The BDOM Workshop

There are only five tickets left to Good Swipes of Melbourne: pretty much it’s what you want to do to revitalise your dating life – and have fun doing it. Click here to secure your spot.

Bad Dates on Nova

Bad Dates of Melbourne was mentioned on radio station Nova 100 yesterday and sparked a segment on what else but BAD DATES. Chrissy Swan said, “If I was on Facebook, I’d be following the hell out of that.” What excellent words!

Good Swipes of Melbourne


It’s here!  I’m pleased to announce the launch of Good Swipes of MelbourneThis is a funny and useful workshop that aims to give you practical dating app advice that works. The goal? To help you get more matches, have better conversations and meet more people. It’s inspiring, it’s funny and most importantly – it’s useful.

Things we’ll cover:

‘Hey’ is for horses: how to start a conversation when you have no idea what to say

Move over Kendall: advice for non-models on what type of photos grab attention

Swipelangelo: paint a perfect bio

How many flag emojis is too many? A look at your profile and how to improve it

Secrets of a dating app addict: the sneaky secrets that I think get your profile displayed more

Dodge alert: spotting shady dates and suss characters

An investigation: Why are fish photos so damn popular?

There are only 12 places in Good Swipes of Melbourne available.

Find out more >