Talking to Today Extra

📺💔 Did you catch me on Today Extra on Channel Nine? I was the ‘Gatekeeper of Bad Dates’ and spoke to Richard Wilkins and Belinda Russell dressed in a red turtleneck and chunky necklace. Being a Zoom interview where they only see your top half, I was also in my pyjama pants.

Finding a Unicorn.

unicorn snip

I was on the Finding a Unicorn podcast with Carly Bowyer (from Married at First Sight) and Eliza Paschke.  It’s also on Spotify.  A great podcast for everyone on Tinder who is looking for a unicorn! 🦄  (Not me though, I’m ok.)  Do give this a listen: excellent show with funny hosts.

RMIT Home Campus.

rmit home campus snap

Throwback!  I studied a Bachelor of Arts (Media) and Graduate Diploma of Public Relations at RMIT University back in the day – and had a fantastic time.  I spoke to RMIT about my time in lockdown, COVID dating and my advice for those searching for their dream career.  Take a gander.

Ghosty, ghosty, ghosty!

Alita Brydon November 2This week I’m on the brilliant podcast, Ghosted, where I talk about my “hilarious, depressing and somehow reassuring” social media creation, ‘Bad Dates of Melbourne’.