Alita Brydon is a media personality, writer, dating expert and the creator of Bad Dates of Melbourne and Bad Dates of Australia. These pages have been called “addictive” and a “national phenomenon” by the media with a “cult” following of over 230,000. Not bad!

Some of Ali’s achievements include:

  • Writing multiple viral stories, including ‘How I got banned from Tinder for being an egg’.
  • Achieving internet icon status by becoming the face of a meme (Shattered by Five Simple Words).
  • Featuring on Page 3 in The Herald Sun.
  • Featuring as the dating app expert on A Current Affair and interviewed on Today.
  • Out trending the New York Post Emmy Red Carpet coverage.
  • Stories about and by Ali and Bad Dates of Melbourne have been featured in countless publications in many languages across the world, including by the BBC 3, the Sacramento Kings NBA team, news.com.au, LADbible, The Tasteless Gentleman, Herald Sun, ABC, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, 3AW, Mamamia, Fox FM and many more.
  • Trained in TV production and radio announcing.
  • Skilled at writing About sections for websites in the third person.

Ali is single and is in a committed relationship with chicken nuggets.

You can submit your anonymous bad date on the relevant Bad Dates of Melbourne or Bad Dates of Australia Facebook Page or Instagram.

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