Brand updates!

Earlier this year I wrapped up my contract with Tinder Australia as Dating Commentator.

I since did some work for Extra Sugar Free Chewing Gum! It was for Dental Health Week.

(Yes, I do work with brands. But only when it is a good fit. You are very welcome to contact me.)

Here’s an interview for you on dating, fresh breath and The Ick.

Wollongong gets chatty

Tinder’s Year in Swipe has dropped! It’s very exciting – you can read about 2021’s dating trends. Read the story here – there’s some words from me in it!

Why can’t I comment?

Due to recent changes in Australian media law, threads on social media need to be moderated more carefully. This means comments are turned off when I can’t moderate.

If you see a notice saying, “Bad Dates Of Melbourne allows profiles and Pages that it follows to comment on this post” – it essentially means I am the only one who can comment. Everyone else is unable to contribute a.k.a. there’s no group of people with special privileges and you haven’t been blocked or limited. The comments you see will have been made while I was able to watch the Page; they too are no longer able to comment if you see this note up.

I know it’s not ideal but it’s the best solution for now.

The majority of comments come through in the first two hours and I try to keep each thread open for a few hours, so I hope most of the chat is still available to be read.

Hopefully in time, things will change and we’ll be able to keep the comments open 24/7; for now, I appreciate your support.

Thank you! x Ali