It’s a BAD DATES party!

Single? Taken? In a polyamorous relationship with a bearded Brunswick hipster?

No matter what your relationship status, I’d love for you to join me for a dance and a drink in the CBD!


🖤 Me! Ali, known in the media as the ‘The Ultimate Tinder Addict’ or the egg who got BANNED from Tinder or face of the Shattered by Five Simple Words meme. I’ll give you a BDOM badge!

🖤 The girl with the TWO BELLY BUTTONS… Someone buy this superstar a drink!

🖤 Story hero TRAVIS whose PowerPoint presentation, ‘Reasons You Should Date Me’ caught the attention of women across Melbourne.

🖤 YOU. BDOM events attract a super friendly and fun group of people. Don’t be shy to attend – fly solo if you must! I’d love to meet you.

I’ll try and think of some ice breakers so we all get mixing and I’ll probably organise a few platters if you arrive on time.

Yes, the venue is accessible!

Dress smart.

It’s FREE!

Saturday 2 March from 8pm

Emerald Peacock, 233 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne



‘The Other Woman’ I love.

While Stormy Daniels has been responsible for many erections – none of them has been a wall. It’s not often that society finds itself taking the side of ‘The Other Woman’. Take a look at my new story on my favourite porn star in The Brag.

Heartbroken and forgotten.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone on Tinder that went on…and on… and on… You start to get ideas in your head as to what the person will be like! The chats go for days and get deeper and deeper until your first date finally rolls around and then… Massive anti-climax. I’ve definitely had this happen. It’s one of the biggest Tinder traps. Take a look at my story and let me know if it resonates with you.