DancePals success at Northcote Social Club

It was a full house in the band room at Northcote Social Club as I brought people together for a speed dating inspired event. The goal? To make friends. How wholesome. DancePals was part of my plan to bring together the people of Melbourne in good times, bad dates and laughter.

Bad Dates of Melbourne Party goes off

Followers from the Bad Dates of Melbourne Facebook Page gathered at the iconic Temperance Hotel on Chapel Street on Saturday 16 June to meet and share their tales of dating woe. With over 600 attending or interested – I am not sure on the final number of who attended – but the venue was truly packed. I can’t wait for the next event!

Bad Dates of Melbourne

Bad Dates of Melbourne is where locals come together to share their funny dating stories.  I am the creator and sole admin of this page.  BDOM had 1.6 million post views by its third week and has high user engagement – it does ok.

Some comments on Bad Dates of Melbourne:

“like this page man theirs some quality sh*t here”

“you guys have to follow this page.  IT IS HILARIOUS”

“easily my favourite page on Facebook now”

“this is my new fav fb page!”